Does Google care how fast my website is?

I just shaved 2 seconds off my best time. Will Google reward me for it? Probably not, because although I just made my web page load two seconds faster, it still breaks a lot of the guidelines that Google publishes for websites. The issue of web page speed and Google...

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My Interview with Callum at AsianEntrepreneur

It's a great pleasure to have this interview with Callum, a founder of half dozen businesses and author of Progressive Partnership - the future of business. The interview reminds me why I am here and what I passionate about - digital marketing. Here's a short clip of...

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The Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Which digital marketing trends will be most important to you and your business in 2018? As everyone is aware, the online marketing environment is constantly changing. What worked well one year, or even for several years, may not work in upcoming years. Tried-and-true...

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