LinkedIn is a vital way of reaching out to customers and business partners.

Every online system has particular ways of using it that are good and those that are bad.

It isn’t always obvious at first what is the correct thing to do.

Finding connections, making posts, reading other’s ideas and engaging.  All vital things to do.

After a while a bubble starts to build up.  The influencer bubble.

Some people are simply better at LinkedIn than others. Perhaps they had a head start.  Or have a style that just naturally works well.  Whatever the reason, those are the great LinkedIn marketing mavens, and they whole a large amount of influence.  So much so that it is hard to avoid them at times.

All you see is more and more posts from a select few people.

There is a way to avoid the influencer bubble.

But frustratingly it doesn’t it work on mobile devices.

The LinkedIn algorithm surfaces “interesting” posts to show in our feed, which is a perfectly good concept.

Except as we all know that feed is being gamed very heavily now by the use of blank line posts, click-baiting, commenting pods and various methods.

I have done it with a post about this very topic.

It worked in a sense; if you are reading it then you clicked, but what it means is that posts like this get priority in your feed.

So you see only posts like that one.

Which is fine and dandy and all – but it is hardly all that is out there, so you see a bubble of “LinkedIn influencer posts”.

Therefore possibly missing perfectly useful and relevant posts which don’t stack up by the algorithm measures,.

Avoid this bubble, by switching the “Sort by:” from “Top” to “Recent”.  Right at the top of the feed, on the right-hand side, in a small font.

Then you get to see the fire-hose of recent posts from all your network, regardless of whether the algorithm thinks they are important.

Of course, a lot of them really are not that interesting at all, but at least you know you are seeing a slice of your whole LinkedIn network activity, and not just a select few.

Turn it back and forth from Top to Recent to explore both these views. I change it regularly. But I cannot find a way to do it on mobile!

Am I missing something?

Let me know if I am!

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