Order a Starter Online Marketing Package and boost your Hong Kong Company!

Professional Package:  SEO Boost for HK Business

Order our Starter Package for Online Marketing and get your business to the next level of visibility. Get enquiries, leads and sales by attract the right attention on the online search engines.

The Package will:

  • Target the products and services you most want to sell
  • Increase the online visibility of your brand and products 
  • Cause no disruption to your business
  • Create a solid foundation for growth with ethical and reputable online marketing techniques. No impossible promises, no hype, and no nonsense.

Why Order this Starter Package?

This is your opportunity to provide high-quality relevant online marketing for your company, make your brands and products more visible to the online customers, and ultimately make more sales by attracting more qualified leads to your business.

Starter Online Marketing Package Availability

Packages can be ordered at any time. Whether your new product is preparing for launch or already available, the Starter Online Marketing Package can effectively multiply your existing marketing efforts.   Multiple packages may be run in parallel for differing brands or products.

One Product Package

The standard package boosts the visibilty of one product or service. The package will run for 6 weeks of promotion, followed by 3 months of reporting.

Two Product Package

A package to promote two different products can be more efficient when ordered together if the products are related.  As for one product, 6 weeks of promotion followed by 3 months reporting of results. When the two products are related synergies between the two will be leveraged to increase the effectivness of both.

Custom packages

Custom packages are available for those with special needs.  Call +2981 5083 to enquire.


Costs per package are fixed, but results may depend on the complexity and competitiveness of particular industries.

Your package will be uniquely crafted to the requirements of the product being promoted.  Therefore, time will be spent on:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Material development
  • Reference development
  • Post-package tracking and analytics

A package price for the complete process will be provided once we have discussed the individual needs for your specific situation.

Find out More about the Starter Online Marketing Package

About The Online Marketing Starter package for HK Companies

  • Increased content and references: Proven to be more effective than either on their own
  • Includes website audit to determine areas with the most potential for improvement
  • Real-world data about competitive environment and the latest trends in online marketing used to select best actions
  • Companies using this package will see immediate impacts on their online visibility, plus potential ongoing growth in rankings, visitors, leads and sales due to the package.
  • A practical foundation that allows your company to allocate resources as available to reach the online marketing results you demand

How the Starter Package for Online Marketing Works

You specify which product or service you need to boost before the package starts.
Assessement is made of your existing online visibility, including website and social presense. Comparison with competitors in this and other markets is taken. Action plan is generated and confirmed with you
Shortcomings in your online presense are corrected, prioritising those with the highest potential for generating sales

This Startup Online Marketing Package is appropriate for:

  • New company founders – Get a great foundation to your new project ensuring that your online marketing hits the ground running, so you can go directly into the leader pack with your product
  • Entrepreneurs – Leverage your initial results to determine future potential and attack directly those low-hanging fruit that can bring you to the next level
  • Business owners – If your firm has been doing business for years, but is being overtaken by a new generation of online-focused competitors then this package can help you to keep pace and aim to draw ahead.  
  • Product launch manager – When a new product launches you want to recoup your development investment asap, and this starter package is perfect for ensuring that you are not lost among the crowd
  • Product managers – When your product reaches a plateau, and you need to move it to the next level, use online visibility to open new markets and cement your position in existing ones
  • Digital marketing managers – Online Marketing keeps you busy, and if you know what you need doing but don’t have the time to manage it yourself then this package can give you the needed boosts with little effort from yourself

Online Marketing Starter Package Format

Experienced Online Marketers

Operated by Online Marketers who are experienced with the Hong Kong environment, and have operated in the digital marketing space for over 10 years.

Tested Techniques, Customized

Using a blend of established techniques for online marketing with cutting edge developments to make a mix unique to your product needs. Modules will be added, scaled and customised according to the competitive environment for your particular product

Key Methods

Key methods regarding online markeing will be used to ensure that online visitors can find and value your product information

I have known Winnie for over 10 years, since before she launched WL Media HK and I have always found her to be an entirely reliable, honest and reputable person. During our course of working with WL Media for our online exposure, she has helped us to identify our problems and has done a terrific job to rectify our problem. The result has been extremely satisfying and we found her advice and input very valuable.

I am very confident to recommend her to any business that require to improve their online exposure and improve their online marketing skills.

Philip Yu

Partner, Fung, Yu & Co. CPA Limited

How to Order an Online Marketing Starter Package

  1. Use the form below
  2. Meet with Winnie Tsoi to discuss your needs
  3. Receive and confirm the detailed proposal

Call Winnie Tsoi for Details Now


Some frequently asked questions:

Are Online Marketing Starter packages available now?

Yes, packages can be started at any time

You can choose to schedule the package for a time that coordinates with other promotional material

Will material be written by Native English Speakers?
Yes, all our writers are native speakers of English, mostly located in the U.K. and the U.S.A.
Can the package promote Chinese products?
Yes, but separately from English promotion. If you wish to promote both in English and in Chinese then this would need two packages.
Is the package customized?

Yes. Based on your product needs and the analysis of your competitive environment the whole package is customized.

Well-tested techniques and modules are used, combined with material specific to your products which you will contribute, to ensure the package is uniquely effective for your situation.

Are there on-going costs with this package?

No. This is a fixed price package which will put your website onto the right path for success.

On-going SEO services packages are also available, but those are separate and are based on a monthly subscription for continuous improvement of your results.

What will I have to provide?
You will need to provide as much information as available on the product or service to be promoted. Then you will need to approve or do fact checking on material generated by our writers.  Photographs related to your product and your company are also essential. If you do not have professional material available we can arrange for a photographer to assist at additional cost.
How long will it take to complete the package?
Each package takes 6 weeks of effort from WL Media, but also requires materials and approvals from your company. The total time taken will be determined by adding these together
How can I order Package?

Contact Winnie Tsoi to discuss your package and receive a quotation specifically for your situation.

Email: [email protected]

Phone/Whatsapp:  +852 98072701

What does the package cost?
The total price for this package is HK$50,612.  That covers the analysis, planning, and promotion of one product or service.

Find out More about the Starter Online Marketing Package


Do you have a Business in HK that wants to get started with Online Marketing ?  This package combines a Foundation SEO package with a Starter Content Marketing pack and includes Essential Local SEO to get your Online Marketing a great start.

We understand that your Hong Kong business wants to expand by using online marketing. You already have a website and probably some basic social media such as a Facebook Page or Twitter profile.

Online Marketing Startup Package for HK SME

The goal of this package will be to “Generate sales growth for your business via online discoverability and presence”.

Maybe your company has tried other forms of online marketing, such as direct email marketing or PPC, but now wishes to use Search Engine Optimisation.

This package will help your company to use SEO to boost the visibility of your brand, traffic to your website, and ultimately, therefore, leads and sales.

SEO is only one aspect of online marketing and it must be understood that SEO needs to be used in conjunction with other forms of online, and offline, marketing to be fully effective.  In particular Press, Content, and Social Media have a huge impact on the effectiveness of SEO, which in turn feeds your press coverage and social media engagement.  It is a virtuous circle that can be self-supporting once started..

It must be understood that SEO is not “free traffic from Google”, but rather is an amplifier of other basic marketing efforts.  If good, useful, engaging content is presented with technical accuracy on a well-made website, and if it gains good engagement via media, both traditional media, and new media, then SEO can amplify the effectiveness of that by many orders of magnitude.  A blog post or a news article may be seen only by a handful of people, but due to the effect on Google, that post or article may generate thousands of visits to your website, each from an interested person.

This package will consist of a research phase, a technical setup phase, content creation phase, a link building phase, and conclude with analytics.  At that point, it will be up to you to decide what additional continuation and development are worthwhile depending on the actual results of what worked and didn’t work in your specific case.

WL Media HK will suggest a list of keywords which are acceptable by you.  This includes analysis of competitors we found online according to your target or existing customers and what you already have in mind.

We will identify draft keywords: that relate to the product or service you are selling and identify ones that have a suitable frequency of use in Google in Hong Kong.  Ones with good relevance to buying intent, sufficient traffic, and realistic competition will be selected.  What keywords your competitors are ranking for is also taken into consideration and we will discuss them with you to ensure that the selected terms properly fit with your company ethos and the image you wish to project for your products.

The Online Marketing Starter Package includes:

  1. Foundation SEO package – Web page technical accuracy and focus plus a online mentions booster.
    1. Ensure Technical accuracy of your website, including adding meta tags and title and generally improve making sure that the pages match your target market and actual vocabulary.  Up to 20 pages key pages including home page.
    2. Jump start your online ubiquity by seeding the web with 3 x 1,000-word unique general readership non-technical articles on 10 different sites covering social, web2.0 and long form content sites, with 1 illustration where supported.  That is 30,000 words just there!
  2. Starter Content Marketing pack – Increasing relevant content, by adding appropriate topical articles.
    1. Populate your website with 10 x 1,000-word general readership non-technical articles that reflect your goals, vision, products and place in the market.  All weighted against your competitors and the actual vocabulary of keywords that your customers use.  Each article with 2 illustrations to engage the visually focused part of your audience.
  3. Essential Local SEO.- Gain more relevant listings for your website to improve your ubiquity and discoverability.
    1. Submit to appropriate business listing and directories.


      1. Major Business Listing (Google my Business) with 3 x images and detailed information

      2. 10 x relevant directory listing submissions with logo, image and up to 200 x word unique descriptions subject to directory limits.

As well as providing the above services to boost the rankings we will also undertake to:

Provide ranking reports for 3 months.

Total price HK$50,612

Additional ad-hoc consulting is charged at HK$1,200 per hour per consultant.  However, we recommend you ask us to quote on a project basis for add-on work so as to minimise your costs.

Ethical note: The SEO industry is full of “tricks” and “guarantees” offered by Black Hat SEOs who break or “stretch” the rules.  WL Media HK is an entirely White Hat SEO company and will always comply strictly with Google Webmaster Guidelines.  This means the work we do may be slower, be more complex, and take longer to produce results.  But it reduces the risks of a Google Penalty and from our experience is closely related to stable long term SEO success over years, rather than short-term weekly or monthly results with high variability whenever Google adjusts their algorithm.

To learn how the Local Search Engine Optimization can improve your online internet marketing contact us today. 

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