Honest SEO Monthly Package for HK Business

Why “Honest” SEO

SEO means having Search Engines trust your website and your online publicity

Trustworthiness need honesty

Dishonest websites won’t be trusted by Google, won’t be seen by visitors and ultimately won’t create customers and business


What makes Honest SEO different

In Honest SEO there :

  • Will be real publicity that aims to ensure Search Engines can understand the actual intent of products and services on offer
  • Human outreach will be done to contact industry participants and media to encourage awareness of your website


  • There will not be any technical trickery such as hidden text or purchased links intended only to fool Google
  • Not be any unrealstic promises made that simply encourage quick-fixes that will backfire later

Subscribe to an honest seo monthly Package and boost your Hong Kong Company!

Order our Honest SEO Monthly Package for Internet Marketing and push your online visibility to the next level. Get enquiries, leads and sales by attracting the right attention on the online search enginesm directories and listings.

The Package will:

  • Target the products and services you most want to sell
  • Increase the online visibility of your brand and products
  • Cause no distruption to your business
  • Create a solid foundation for growth with honest, ethical and reputable online marketing techniques. No impossible promises, no hype and no nonsense.

Why Subscribe to this Package?

Because your business is on-going your online marketing also needs continuous effort to keep pace with competitors and changes to the market environment. Use this package to have continual development to make make your brands and products more visible to online customers, and ultimately make more sales by attracting more qualified leads to your business.  Subscribe to the package and run it until you achieve the results you need, then switch focus or cancel at any time.

Honest SEO Monthly Package Availability

Packages can be ordered at any time subject to the availability of marketing resources.  Multiple packages may be run in parallel for differing brands or products.  When multiple packages for related products run at the same time synergies can cause multiply your benefits!

One Product Package

The standard package boosts the visibilty of one product or service.

Two Product Package

A package to promote two different products can be more efficient when ordered together if the products are related.

Custom packages

Custom packages are available for those with special needs.  Call to enquire.


There are minimum costs per package, and results may depend on the complexity and competitiveness of particular industries.

Your package will be uniquely crafted to the requirements of the product being promoted.  Therefore time will be spent on:

  • Pre-assessment: SEO audit and clients research and competitors’ analysis
  • Material development
  • Reference development
  • Ongoing performance tracking and analytics

A package price for the whole process will be confirmed once we have discussed the individual needs for your specific situation.

Request proposal for your Honest SEO Monthly Package subscription

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About The Monthly Honest SEO Package

  • Real personal analysis and actions from SEO professionals, not just automoted systems
  • Using only Google approved techniques
  • Customers will receive regular reports showing the impact of the SEO work done and results, both positive and negative
  • SEO promotions will add on to and leverage any existing marketing messages to ensure clarity
  • Subscribers to this package will be using the latest SEO techniques, which will be  updated continuously as new types of online promotion are developed
  • Just subscribe and then no need constantly check or worry if your SEO needs attention, we will do all the work and alert you only when your direct input is needed 

How the Honest SEO Monthly Package Works

You will be able to specify which product or service will be focus point before the package starts


A baseline will be taken before the package starts, and competitors both in HK and in similiar markets will be checked. A gap analysis will show where the online presence of  your product falls behind and an action plan will be created

Each month additional content, references, technical markup or other improvements will be made to your online presense.  Improvements and issues will be reported regularly

This Honest SEO Monthly Package is appropriate for:

  • Marketing staff – Who are responsible for making sure their company product is visible online, but don’ t have in-house SEO skills, and know that honesty is the best long term business policy
  • Product managers – Who understand that SEO is for the long term, and want to have their product continuously promoted using the latest techniques without using internal marketing or IT resources
  • IT Managers – Who have been given responsibility for SEO but are busy supporting infrastructure and need to outsource this specialized process
  • Marketing managers – Who have to allocate resources to online marketing, but don’t have appropriate support from their in-house computer department 
  • Digital marketing managers – Who know exactly what to do but don’t have time to work on regular promotions while they are dealing with launches and setting strategy
  • Business owners – Who have prioretized ethical business practises as key to their company development 

SEO Monthly Package Format

Real SEO Expert Work

Not just automated spamming tools, but real SEO experts who will select from the current list of preferred online marketing techniques to choose the right fit for your products place in the digital environment

Tested Techniques, Customized

Using a framework of well-tested techniques a package specific to the unique requirements of your product will be executed. As new techniques are developed and old ones become over-used the monthly activity for your SEO Package will adjust.

Key Actions

Constant monitoring of the gaps between your competitors and yourself will continuously feed into the decision on SEO actions to take

Raymond at WL Media did a fascinating study on our website concorde-travel.com and identified all the areas we need to improve. This was incredibly helpful information and Raymond and Winnie were always patient with explaining internet marketing to me. You can’t do better for online marketing than talk to them!

Graham Elsom

Travel Agent, Concorde Travel

How to Subscribe to an Honest SEO Monthly Package:

  1. Use the form below to request your proposal
  2. Meet with Winnie Tsoi to discuss your needs
  3. Receive and confirm the detailed proposal

Call Winnie Tsoi for Details Now


Some frequently asked questions:

Are SEO Monthly Packages available?

Yes, packages can be started at any time

After an initial anlysis is done the regular promotions will commence and run until the result you need has been obtained.

Packages can be started or paused or cancled at any time with 30 days notice. A basic maintenance fee will be charged while packages are paused for continued monitoring.

Is the work done by experts?

Yes, the work is only done by experts in SEO located in HK or at selected locations around the world, mostly in countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The resulting promotions will be monitored by HK staff.

Can promotions be done in English and Chinese at the same time?

No, only one language at a time per package. However, multiple packages would provide you with multiple languages.

Is the package customized?

Yes. Based on your existing online marketing position, the competative environment and guidance from both HK and similiar markets a plan will be made specific to your needs.

Using well-tested techniques and combining them with material specific to the gaps and requirements of your product we will ensure that the program has the best chance of improving your digital marketing.

What is included in the SEO Monthly Package?

A continuous build up of reputable material, references and promotions. These include relevant articles both on your own sites, social as well as important third party sites.

Just like any marketing effort it is necessary with SEO to ensure a good “buzz” of interest from the media, and the monthly SEO package ensure that this level of interest is maintained.

References to your product will come from authoritative websites such as important newspapers and online magainzes, from respected peers and influential writers.

How long until results are seen?
Although it depends upon the competitiveness of the particular market segment you are in, typically small results are seen in the second month, with more substantial benefits appearing between the 3rd and 6th month. We will check your particular industry and discuss with you reasonable expectations when the project starts.
How many keywords are included?

The packages are organised according to products and customers, not keywords.  Using the latest concepts of clusters of vocabulary around a particular concept will be identified and used in promotion. Tracking will be done on the most common terms, but the focus will be on getting appropriate customers to your website, not on particular keywords.

How can I get a quotation for the Package?

Contact Winnie Tsoi to discuss your packageand receive a quotation specifically for your situation.

Email: [email protected]

Phone/Whatsapp:  +852 98072701

Request proposal for your SEO Monthly Package subscription

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