Is the silence deafening?  Does your inbox only have emails from PPCW, the bank and spammers?  Don’t get any emails to the official email address on your website which are actually business leads or at least inquiries?

Here is a thought; have you checked the email address still works?

dead looking cityscape

Unfortunately things break.

Servers are changed by hosting companies.

Software gets updated.

People make mistakes (I know, shock horror!)

As I reach out to vendors and suppliers of a variety of services (mostly writers at the moment, contact me if that is you) I am often searching websites for contact email addresses.

And it is quite impressive, in a negative sort of way, how many of those listed email addresses actually don’t work.

Don’t work at all.

I get bounces like  550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. This is for an email address that is listed on the writer’s “contact me” page – written out in full or obscured as “firstname at firstname dot com ”

So, of you help to get contacts from your website please make sure you have a working email address.

And don’t just presume.

Actually try it.


Put it on your calendar as a to-do item to “check all inbound contact methods”.

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