Last year companies who focused on Internet Marketing with regular monthly digital promotions made great strides and many experienced phenomenal success. but it is still evolving. If you are looking to construct a better plan, it is never too late to start anew. As the industry flourishes, the competition increases; in order to reach success, proper preparation is required. And with the expanse of internet marketing techniques, you can decide which ones to implement within your own work. Here are some helpful internet marketing tactics that work in 2017:

Live Video Streaming

As an internet marketer, you already know the importance of trends. The vast online presence and new technologies are hard to avoid. Social media is necessary to share vital content and advertise. With the fruition of Facebook Live, Periscope, and other live streaming platforms, promoting certain brands through social media can attract the attention of the consumer population. Thanks to the development of live video streaming, you can grab the audience’s attention with live demonstrations and bolster the number of viewers. Many apps and social media platforms have or will develop some form of live video streaming.

Search Engine Optimisation Will Always Dominate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the prominent ways to help your website meet search engine rankings. Yes, you may have experience with this, but improvements are always welcome. By studying the elements of ranking (content, structure, etc.), or taking a SEO and digital marketing course to keep up with latest search engine ranking trends, you can make your site more visible and increase traffic. Who can say no to increased revenue?

Quality Content Marketing

Building a proper platform using high-quality content has always been done and will continue to be the bread and butter of internet marketing. Fresh ideas should be considered; detailed content that informs, persuades, or entertains will help attract readership. Writing blog posts, articles, and even recording videos for YouTube will bring in potential customers.  By giving helpful information, you can help increase your overall credibility.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

The advancement of technology has been helpful to the marketing industry. Brands unleashing different kinds of augmented and virtual reality entertainment (and equipment) will be more present than ever, and internet marketers will see the benefit. People will definitely want to experience augmented reality and/or virtual reality. For example, 360-degree videos allow viewers to interact and immerse themselves as if they are actually in the video. This is a great way to profit from existing apps, as well as create games and advertising related to AR & VR.

Brands Narrowing Down Niches

Because of the increased competition within internet marketing, businesses should look into more specific and narrower niches. By taking a look at the demographics, marketers can focus on these niches and cater to consumers.

Dense Content is a Must

As technology continues to update and flourish, its users are looking for clear and cogent content. People want to get straight to the point and as attention spans lower, marketing professionals are learning the importance of dense content. Each and every word must count, so marketers should use dense content and grab the reader’s attention.

Harnessing Power with Webinars

Marketers are realizing the significance of creating webinars. As informational tools, webinars can teach and educate viewers on different topics. This gives the host or speaker the opportunity to answer questions live. Webinars can be recorded and posted for anyone who have missed the live stream. Careful planning is suggested beforehand to create and maintain a rhythmic flow. Since webinars are live, mistakes can be made.

Networking via Social Media

Building connections and interacting with people will help improve your marketing strategy. Creating new accounts on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will help you connect with business professionals and potential clients. Add useful information to other threads or forums; don’t hesitate to start a new conversation!


Humans are visual learners: they absorb and process information better with the use of images. Infographics are perfect educational tools to help people understand certain concepts, and with social media, you can receive likes and shares. After you have collected your data, organize and create diagrams such as graphs, pie charts, and images with colors that will stand out to the reader.

Free Download Offers

Most people wouldn’t dare pass up the opportunity for complimentary offers. Free downloads can help promote brands and it is a great way to collect e-mail address. By collecting these addresses, you can construct an e-mail list for future marketing purposes.

Email Newsletters

When you have compiled your e-mail list, the power of email newsletters allow you to stay connected and keep in touch with your readership. You can promote products and services to potential customers. This allows you to keep track of statistics on visitors and what they’re reading. Emails newsletters can help you be more personable with your audience by allowing you to share opinions and thoughts.

Data Visualization Tools

Data is needed to follow consumers’ choice of products and the factors behind why they purchase them. Data visualization tools makes interpreting raw data easier for marketers to target certain audiences and figure out different consumer factors (what they are buying, why they are buying, and when they are making purchases). Data visualization tools are a necessity for analyzing statistics.

Cross-Device Targeting

Device compatibility can boost the number of consumers visiting your sites. Internet users aren’t just using desktop and laptop computers. Technological advancements have allowed them to access the internet with smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. In fact, most people are using smartphones for communication and commerce purposes. Your sites should be accessible with any type of device, which will allow specific audiences to receive your messages.

Native Advertising

Followers and viewers are able to realise when advertisers try to promote products or services; they are getting wiser by the minute. Instead of annoying consumers by constantly blaring ads, you can integrate and blend the product you are trying to promote around quality content. This way, you can grab the person’s attention with the convincing advertisement and make a sale.

In conclusion, not every technique works for every business, but most companies can benefit from one or more of these.  Talk to us at WL Media HK to discuss which ones are right for your project.


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