How to choose a Monthly SEO Package

Slow-and-steady wins

Just as in Aesop’s tale of the “The Tortoise and the Hare” slow and steady wins the race in online marketing as much as in a foot race. To be successful in any marketing effort it needs to be an on-going process and not proceed in fits and starts.  This is doubly true of online marketing where Google is on the look-out for what they consider “artificial” promotion, and occasional spikes in promotion may be flagged as suspicious.

Keep it regular

Keeping to a regular schedule of digital marketing promotion is key to success pleasing Google, which is the core of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) even in Hong Kong where Baidu, Bing and Yahoo still barely register.

Too busy to focus

But a busy businessperson is busy running his or her own business and often doesn’t have the time or internal resources to work on internet marketing. Even if a company has an IT or computer department, and a marketing organisation, neither of them may have the capacity or special skill set to work on digital promotion.  Other managers and staff are focused on customer both internal and external and so rarely consider the online potential or impact of their work.

Outsourcing as a solution!

The solution to this problem is to subscribe to a monthly SEO package, which keeps on going even when you are not checking on it. Think of it as having little elves working in the backroom building up your company and website image in the online arena, while you focus on serving the customers you have.

Which vendor?

Having decided on a regular promotional package is next step is to select one, but how does one choose between the various possibilities?  Each SEO company offers a slightly different set of SEO services.  So when you are in the market for SEO outsourcing you have to consider a lot of factors to ensure that you get value for money and the positive ROI that any marketing effort should target.s

Budgets for intangibles

SEO cost per month is something that will have to be included in the budget for any modern company in Hong Kong, but as with many other services, there are bargain-basement discount packages and high-end all-options luxury choices. Collect a selection of SEO prices per month figures from different vendors for comparison, but weight them against their reputation, demonstrated performance and the ease with which you can work with that company.

Risk management

Risk is also an incredibly important factor when selecting an SEO firm. But it is one that is hard to measure for someone outside the technical SEO industry.  Some companies, sadly including many in Hong Kong, use risky techniques to get quick results.  But by sailing close to the wind they can attract the unwanted attention of the Google Webspam team who are quick to ban companies and websites who have overstepped the line of what is permissible.


Read on in this detailed infographic to guide you through the choices when it comes to deciding how to choose a Monthly SEO Package.


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