Hong Kong an Internet Marketing Leader?


At least not necessarily

Hong Kong may fall behind its neighbour Singapore if it doesn’t keep pace with the new essentials of Internet Marketing.  Each country is ahead in different areas, but there is a lot to be improved in both.

Hong Kong



Are the major companies in Hong Kong at the forefront of Internet Marketing?

Are they doing great things with Digital Branding and their Online Presence?

Are they even doing the basics?

Listed Hong Kong Limited Companies

Listed Singapore Limited Companies

To find a list of major companies in the two cities that could be compared fairly, the stock exchange listing was used.

Companies which are Limited companies and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, on the Singapore Stock Exchange were included.  Then the basics of their online presence are examined to see how the two lists of companies compare.

First up is whether the business is listed in the Google Business Directory, also known as Google My Business, a basic step to ensuring that Google knows the key facts about a business.

Companies who are listed with Google get a detailed “Knowledge Box” rather than a brief stock entry. This not only increases visibility but is a great way for companies to connect with their customers on a practical day-to-day level by listing address, phone, opening hours and so on.  While Google fills in a lot of this information automatically it is obviously best if a company takes proactive control of this information to ensure it represents itself in the best possible way.

  • Hong Kong companies with Knowldege Boxes 94.4% 94.4%
  • Singapore companies with Knowledge Boxes 91.8% 91.8%

Companies in Hong Kong and Singapore mostly have some kind of Knowledge Box.  But a few don’t have a knowledge box at all, meaning Google doesn’t recognise them by name.

What type of Google Knowledge Box does your company have?

Some companies don’t have a knowledge box.

Some knowledge boxes have a lot more detail than others

Companies can control what details Google knows about by claiming their list

If they haven’t, that means they are not even doing the



Hong Kong companies who have not claimed their listing


Singapore companies who have not claimed their listing

Winner: Singapore

But only by a little

Companies in both countries need to do the basics like this, it only takes a moment!



How should a company claim their Google Business Listing?

Click the link on the Knowledge Box, or the Map entry, and follow the prompts.

Google Business Directory listings allow companies to confirm and display important contact information including address, website, phone number and business hours.


Hong Kong companies without Website listed


Singapore companies without Website listed


Hong Kong companies without Phone # listed


Singapore companies without Phone # listed


Hong Kong companies without Business Hours listed


Singapore companies without Business Hours listed

Winner: Singapore

Hong Kong is particularly weak about phone number listings

Having company detail listings correctly managed allows customers to interact better with the company. Reducing the friction may be all it takes to get that phone call, get that lead and make a sale.

Hong Kong Companies are missing a lot of details in their Google Business Listings

Most limited companies listed on the Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges are using .com domains, of the 1,136 websites with Google Business listings 58% are using .com



Percentage of companies who have not claimed their Google Business listing

  • .cn 97.5% 97.5%
  • .hk 93.4% 93.4%
  • .sg 80.2% 80.2%



A few companies are using .hk or .sg rather than .com.  And on the Hong Kong stock exchange, a handful are using the .cn top-level domain for China.

These companies, are actually less likely to correctly claim their Google Business listing than the average.

Companies using a .cn domain name are the most likely to have not claimed their Google business listing, compared to those using .hk and .sg


Google Business Listings may show Reviews from third-party sites, such as Facebook, TripAdvisor or Yelp, as well as reviews directly entered into Google.

  • Hong Kong companies with reviews 11% 11%
  • Singapore companies with reviews 40% 40%

Having reviews is part of Social Proof, the concept that the public can understand and trust a company more because of the wisdom of crowds.

Companies may actively seek out reviews to prove their bona fides.


Winner: Singapore

Hong Kong should do better

Singapore is doing better in this regard.


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