For some time Google has provided tools for you to check if your website is mobile friendly.

You can search for [mobile friendly test] and it will take you to the dedicated testing tool at

But now they are emphasizing this even more by providing you with a form field write on the Google results page to enter a URL to be tested.  See what happens on my screen when I googled for mobile friendly test.

Mobile friendly url form on google search results page








This seems a little extreme to me, never before have I seen a form field on a Google results page before.

Why have they made this change? Probably because not enough people are making their pages as mobile friendly as Google would like.

Why does Google care? Because they have a vision, based on a lot of data, of the majority of web interactions being via mobile devices. And they want everybody to be on board with that vision.

It is certainly true that mobile is the majority of web traffic in 2017 in Hong Kong, and that being mobile “unfriendly” is not at all acceptable today, that doesn’t mean that desktop users should be forgotten.

Particularly for business to business transactions the majority of search for business services still happens on desktops. This is very evident when you compare the mobile vs desktop visitor ratios on a consumer website such as a travel guide, of which we have many, vs a website that is intended for business users to read.  Such as this one, or accountants websites, or investment websites or professional services websites.

On those types of webs there is still more engagement from desktop visitors, in terms of pages read, number of contacts made, time spent reading and so on. Therefore making sure that your website works well on mobile and on desktop should be the theme for 2018.  Don’t let any visitor, and hence potential customer, slip by the wayside by letting them have a poor experience on your digital “shop front”.



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