If you want your company to get anywhere at all these days, social media is key. HK SEO is nothing without it. Not only can social media be free to use but it’s one of the best advertising methods of all.

These days we have access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – even Instagram if your business is photo-worthy. Literally millions of people use social media these days, and in many cases it’s free to share content on these platforms.

So…can you really afford to miss out, especially when we’re talking about free advertising?

Whether you know pretty much everything about HK SEO, or you’re a newbie and looking for a few tips, the best idea has to be to use social media. There is way more to SEO marketing than paying for the pleasure of advertising.

Although good online marketing packages for small business make sense when looking at the overall picture, you might as well take advantage of free local solutions such as social platforms where plenty of your customers (or potential customers) might be lurking.

The right pin, post or tweet can attract thousands of potential clients your way.


First of All – Facebook

Let’s begin with Facebook because it is the king of all social media giants. Whether we’re talking HK SEO or global SEO, Facebook is your friend. Whatever is happening, you need to share it on Facebook. If you don’t know about this social media platform, find someone who does – your kid, spouse, brother, sister. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is you share (for free!) what is happening with your company on the most popular social media platform globally. Facebook is also location-based so if your business is in the remote corner of whatever town, city or country, you will still be found!

There are a million reasons to do this and no reasons at all why not. So get your kid, wife, brother, whoever, to post daily on Facebook on your behalf, and post multiple times. You will be noticed, you will be followed and you will attract customers.

Look, with HK SEO you’re paying nothing at all to advertize on Facebook in this way, and the worst that can happen is some people who see your ads take no action. So you might as well give it a go. Remember to create a company page on Facebook – don’t try posting on your personal page. Nobody wants to look amateur.

Considering Facebook advertising, it immediately looks like a low-cost option when compared to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This is because prices are comparatively low for clicks and impressions when compared with online display advertising and other popular options like Google AdWords.

Compared to HK SEO, you can get your business publicized and out there for very little because of a lack of local competition. Perhaps this is because the platform is still underutilized and developing.

Either way, jump in now to take advantage of low-cost clicks and impressions compared to what Google AdWords charges. You can target your audience by age, interests and location, thereby leading to those all-important clicks by your target group and those people only.


What Twitter Can Do for You

While many people start using Facebook to stay in touch with their families and then progress to local interests and finally business applications, Twitter is different.

HK SEO or otherwise, Twitter is really important.

A lot of people compare Twitter ‘tweets’ to updating their Facebook status but you know what? It’s not the same thing, at all. Twitter is different, and it’s friendlier to businesses. Best of all, you can post and hashtag for free. So let’s get going!

It’s fine to repeat a lot on Twitter. Tweet a split between your own stuff and other people’s to keep things interesting. You can find people in the same industry and tweet their most interesting tweets, interspersed with your own.

Keep a separate business Twitter account from your personal one. Use hashtags (put # in front of key words) where applicable or direct links (put @ in front of people or companies you refer to). People will ‘retweet’ your tweets, which is how your word is spread.


The Lure of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about business. HK SEO and other business SEO can benefit from LinkedIn, the all-business network. Whether you want to find people in the same field, find a job or simply keep your finger on the pulse of your HK SEO industry or related field, LinkedIn is your friend.

Write on LinkedIn Pulse (aka ‘articles’) instead of just sharing, to get yourself seen as an authority on your subject. Ensure your personal profile is up to date and impressive, since a lot of followers will come via that route. If I want to advertise my business, LinkedIn is a great site to consider.

Not only is it huge but it’s also full of people looking for jobs, people who are involved in your field of business, and potential clients looking for your service. LinkedIn allows you to publish your content for viewing by people with certain titles or qualifications, so your advertising spend will be efficient.

Pin it

How the Popularity of Pinterest Can Help You

Pinterest is all about what’s immediately eye-catching, to state it bluntly. Forget wordy articles and complicated tables. Pinterest appeals to whatever catches the eye and makes the reader click. The reader browses through a bunch of images to find something that appeals. When something looks good, that’s when the click happens.

So as an HK SEO Pinterest contributor, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ‘dumb down’ your content, but it does mean you have to appeal to the visual sense and capture your readers’ interest pretty quickly.

Pinterest works via images, so if your images don’t have the click-through appeal, your content isn’t going to be seen. Make the best Pinterest images with www.pablo.buffer.com or www.canva.com and keep the image description on Pinterest short, using hashtags wherever applicable.

Pinterest is huge and appeals to a wide demographic, making it really useful in SEO marketing. If you’re interested in SEO marketing, choose Pinterest and get a huge freebie. Anyone who thinks ‘visually’ and prefers to ‘see’ rather than listen to a description are apt to use Pinterest and it’s free to ‘pin’ your content on there.

Go ahead and add ‘pins’ to promote your business. You have a choice of a personal or business profile but the good news is both are free so choose the business model. Another benefit: search engines love Pinterest, making it an SEO-friendly website. It’s free to use too so you might as well add some content and get your business out there.

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