I have done a #TravelAMA recently so I thought I will share it here too.

Q1: What makes travel agencies rank higher on google?

It’s all about links, be they external links (Your website got referred to from third party website) or internal links (links within the website itself).

Google tells what topics your website/pages are about by looking at the content and how they were referred to when referenced. The stronger and clearer the signals are, the more certain is Google about your website’s topics and speciality.

It needs lots of proofs that your website is about travel,  e.g. if you want to rank for “travel agent LA”.  You will need:

  • the site is technically sound with minimum to no technical errors
  • basic SEO  like title and meta description of each page are still important when shown on the search engine result page (SERP). It’s not just for ranking. You want people to see it’s relevant and interesting and click through
  • the whole site is full of good quality travel related pages
  • list your business and website in Google My Business (GMB) as a travel agent in LA
  • post regularly on GMB has seen helpful to rank in the local pack
  • get listed in as many travel or LA related directories as possible
  • create useful and high-quality travel-related content so that natural linking may happen.
  • once you have the good content, you can outreach to request links and mentions from other people to your website

Last but not the least, internal linking. I’ve seen cases of website that have hardly any external links but it is content rich, and the pages are well referenced within the site.  It seems that when Google has no external links as the reference, it looks into the website itself for clues.

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