Effective SEO means more traffic to your website

In the world of online business, SEO – search engine optimisation – is required to maximise the number of people who will know your business exists. The goal of any business with an online presence is to appear on Page 1 of search engine results using Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Naver, and ideally in the top three entries. Analysis shows that results at the top of page 1 in Google search results have a 32% click through success rate, and the top three places account for over 60% of successful clicks taking you to the identified websites.

What colour hat is your SEO company wearing?

Armed with that information alone, you can understand why SEO is big business and why there are so many companies out there offering SEO services, it isn’t just us here at WL Media HK though of course we think we should be your first choice. However, with so many businesses demanding they appear on page 1 of search engine results for specific keywords, it should come as no surprise to learn that many SEO companies have developed a number of ‘cheats’, or ‘black hat’ techniques to get their clients the coveted page one ranking they crave. Legitimate companies only use ‘white hat’ techniques.
Black hat techniques get rapid SEO results that everyone wants, but once the likes of Google finds out that they have been used, and they always do, then the consequences will see your page ranking plummet, likely never to recover, or your website banned, and your business fail as a result.

Before you hire a SEO company, it’s better if you are equipped with some basic online marketing concepts. It’s best if you or your staff have tried and see the issues and difficulties of it. This way, you have a better understanding of what can be achieved, how easily can it be done and how much time, cost and effort it costs. You may start with an internet marketing training designed by us, tailored to your staff’s level of knowledge and deliver at your office.

What to watch out for, and avoid

The following is a list of 7 things you should watch out for and steer clear of when looking for a legitimate SEO company:

  1. Avoid free offers and 30-day trials. Many of these companies will request access to your website and your password in order to ‘perform various tasks’. That is the equivalent to giving them your car keys and your ATM pin number!
  2. If a company guarantees you results within 30 days, run for the hills. The way search engines operate, you will be unlikely to see any significant SEO results for the first three months. If you do, these results are not being obtained legitimately.
  3. Beware of bold and brash offers. This may be submitting your site to 1,000 search engines or creating hundreds, if not thousands of links to your website. Most of the smaller niche search engines will not be relevant, while poor quality links, and too many of them, will be spotted and your website will get penalised or blacklisted.
  4. SEO companies cannot guarantee miracle results. No legitimate SEO company can guarantee you a top-three spot on page one of search engine results, and they certainly can’t guarantee to do it in a short period of time; well they can’t do it legitimately. If claims look too good to be true, they probably are.
  5. Give SEO company promising to have your website indexed within 48-72 hours a miss. This is even better advice if they make this claim without even visiting it – they are not telling you the truth. Professional and legitimate operators won’t even consider indexing your website until they have analysed it fully.
  6. Do your research and check for prices. If the offer seems really cheap, then you will get a cheap and likely black-hat service. If the price seems really high, that doesn’t mean you will get a VIP service. There is only so much that can be done, and paying a high price won’t get you any extras, as there aren’t any. A sensible price and a sound SEO campaign with realistic targets will cost money, but it won’t bankrupt your business and the increase in profits will more than cover the additional cost!
  7. Never accept unsolicited SEO offers. Similarly, don’t engage with companies who won’t give you clear and direct answers to your questions. Legitimate SEO companies don’t need to ‘cold call’ for business as they thrive on word of mouth recommendation. If they won’t answer your questions clearly, then they have something to hide.

We’re happy to say that you won’t experience any of the above with us here at WL Media HK, so why not give us a call and let us provide you with clear answers to any questions you may have, and let’s start to get you moving up the rankings in search engine results.

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