Does Google Love your Company?

You need to know because Google Love is where customers come from in the online world. Here is a 7-step super quick test to find out in a hurry where you stand with Google.

Let’s get started!

Here are the 7 tests. On the following pages are instructions on how to do each test. Each test takes less than 1 minute to do.

Download the checklist PDF for a printable checklist to keep your score.

First check #1 – Are you #1 for your business name

Go to (or or another country version of Google) and type in your full company name.

Did you come up as the first entry, after any adverts?

If you do then score yourself a Yes!

But if you were #2, or worse didn’t even appear on the screen, then sadly score it as a No.

Check #2 – Does Google know about your entire website?

Check that Google has read your website correctly. So for example, if your company website is go to google and type in

See how we added the command “site:”, with a colon but no space. And then took away all the http://www. And also anything after the .com or

See that number after ”About”. In this example, it is 4,750.

That is four thousand, seven hundred and fifty web pages on that site (approximately) that Google knows about.

Is that how many you expected to see? That’s great! Score yourself a Yes.

Is it much more than you expected? Sometimes that happens, but no harm. Score yourself a Yes.

Is it much less than you expected? Or worse. Is it 1 or 0? Then sadly score yourself a No.

Check #3 – Have you got a Knowledge Box showing with complete and accurate details of your company?

When you search for your company in Google, do you see a “Knowledge Box” on the right-hand side with all the critical information about your company?

If a box appears and it has all your correct information then score yourself a Yes!

If it says “Own this business” then even though you are a Yes come back to this later as you have some room for improvement!

If no box appears, then score yourself a No.

If a box appears but is mostly empty, or worse has inaccurate information, then that also would be a No.

Check #4 – Are you listed on Google Maps correctly with no duplicates or inaccuracies?

Switch to the map view in Google by visiting

And search for your company name

Do you get a detailed and accurate entry for your company?

If it is all correct, then score that a Yes.

But if the red pointer is in the wrong place on the map, or the information or photographs are inaccurate, then score it a No.

Check #5 – Do you rank well for your product names?

If you enter the name of your product, rather than your company name, do you still rank at #1?

The Peak Tramways website,, ranks well for their #1 product – The Peak Tram

Check #6 – Do you rank well for your business category?

If your business is pest control and you google for that in Hong Kong

Are you the first natural result, after the advertisements? In this case ?

If you are the first, then you are doing well and score yourself a strong “Yes!”

How about if you are the second or third place? If you are getting enquiries at those positions, then that can be a “Yes” as well. But if you are in 4th place, or if 2nd and 3rd don’t give you enough business, then this is also a “no”.

And finally, check #7 – Do you rank well for your unique material?

Go to your website and click into a blog post, an article, an about page or anything else that is visible directly from your home page.

Now highlight and cut-and-paste the first line of the text and google search for it within quotation marks.

In this example, we are on the “about” page of a Hong Kong Kennel

Select and copy the first few words, at least 5 words, to find a unique phrase.

Now search for that phrase in Google. Within quotation marks “ ”

If your page comes up as the first entry then great, you should score yourself a “Yes”.

If however, it doesn’t appear or appears at any position except the first line then there is a problem, and you should score it a “no”.

Score yourself!

Now that you have done all your tests enter them into your printed score sheet and total up your “yes” to get your total score! Good luck!



0 – 2 Something is wrong. You are probably banned or penalised or doing something seriously wrong that upsets Google. Get help now!

3 – 4 Google knows about you but isn’t very impressed.  Time to start improving your image.

5 – 6 Google thinks you have potential but are not quite there yet

7 Congratulations Google loves you!  Whatever you are doing, keep it up!


What does it all mean?

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