Despite some cynical predictions that are now over 20 years old, the World Wide Web shows no signs of going away anytime soon. It probably never will. More than ever, your customers are using the Internet to search for providers for their goods and services and when it comes to search engines, Google is the King. Yahoo and Bing want to be noticed, but they remain distant seconds, at best, to Google. Baidu is a contender if you are aiming for the mainland China market, but its creators have had the good sense to mostly follow Google’s lead. Until someone comes up with a better mousetrap (again!), your customers will be using Google daily.

SEO Spells Success

And if you drop the SEO ball, they will have no idea who you are, what you offer, or how wonderfully you perform. Unless your storefront or office is located next door or across the street, they will not even be able to see you, and given the bright hustle-and-bustle of Hong Kong, they may not see you then.

In other words: without good Search Engine Optimization, your business is effectively invisible. You need top-notch online marketing, Hong Kong style. We can provide that at WL Media HK, with online marketing packages for business that will keep your doors opening, your phones ringing, and your websites humming.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why your company must commit to SEO if you have yet to do so.

  1. Your customers are using Google, so you have to be there. Not to bang you over the head with it or anything, but search engines, especially Google, are now the Number One method people use to find the stuff they want. Do you even know anyone who uses a phone book anymore? As we go deeper into the Digital Age, old-fashioned advertising methods will wither on the vine. In particular, effective Internet marketing for Hong Kong demands effective SEO. Without it, companies die in busy markets like ours.
  1. Your competitors are using SEO already, or are planning to. They have already learned its benefits, or they would have gone out of business long since. Then again, you may know of a few competitors who have begun to vanish recently. Never assume your marketing skills have put them out of business. More likely, it was their lack of marketing skills and their unwillingness to invest in one of the starter business SEO marketing packages that we and other good SEO firms offer. You can always do your SEO yourself if you feel up to it, and more power to you if you do. But if your SEO skills are limited to spelling the term, then may we recommend that you find a professional who knows all the rules and tricks of the trade?
  1. You are competing with the whole world. The fact that there is so much information on the Internet, from all over the globe, makes it tough to come out in the Top 10 search results for any search. Unfortunately, research shows that most potential customers rarely go beyond the first page of results before making their buying decisions. Just because you have a website in place, and have even posted keyword-rich content, does not guarantee you a top slot in your field. While we would never guarantee results (anyone who says they can is misleading you), an experienced SEO firm such as ourselves can tune your content to a higher search-engine-friendly level—so your web copy is much more likely to end up on the first page of the search engine results. We have a long list of satisfied customers we have helped, and would be happy to provide you with a copy.
  1. SEO is a smart investment. Think of it as a gift that keeps on giving. SEO can pay for itself with just a few sales; everything else is just icing on the cake. This makes it more of a “Rich Dad” investment than a “Poor Dad” one, because your investment keeps on paying you back, and can continue to do so for years. If you do your due diligence and pick the right SEO firm to work with, you will almost certainly make a continuing “revolving” profit. Sure, you do have to top it up sometimes, with new advertisements, fresh banners, even a little rewriting as the market changes. But you have to do that with any investment, whether based on online marketing or capital outlay.
  1. SEO is cost-effective. The cost of paying for other types of advertising to acquire as much visibility as SEO gets you is readily calculable, but you need not take our word for it: you should calculate it yourself. For example, if you use pay-per-click or pay-per-view on Google, try multiplying your clicks in the Google Search Console times the CPC value in Google Keyword Planner, and take a look at the money that strategy brings in. If you prefer solo ads, check to see how many conversions you make per 100 or 1,000 visits. We feel confident that good SEO marketing packages, such as our own Honest SEO Monthly Packagecan bring you much better returns than other online marketing methods, both short-term and long-term—especially since your keywords never just run out, unlike clicks and views.

Strategic Survival

In the tumultuous online market, especially in a busy city like Hong Kong, high visibility is key to survival. Unlike HSB Bank or Coca-Cola, you probably lack the funds to splash image/brand marketing all over the place so that people remember your name next time they want a certain product or service. On the other hand, you can bet HSB and Coke also have excellent SEO on every page of their websites. This is where you can best compete with them and everyone else in your marketplace—by ensuring that your keywords and phrases catch the eyes of not only individuals but more importantly, the big search engines like Google. Stay ahead of the game by tapping into the experience of a high-quality SEO professional firm. The gain is well worth the cost.

Floyd Largent is a freelance writer/editor with 25+ years of experience. Since he became a full-time freelancer in 2005, he has written thousands of SEO articles for a variety of clients, as well as hundreds of productivity and business articles, and has ghostwritten eight books on subjects as varied as marketing, productivity, and veganism. Educated as an anthropologist and historian, he worked as an archaeologist and technical writer for 15 years before beginning to write full-time. He believes a good writer can write on any subject, and has also written games, a play, several novels, dozens of short stories, close to 100 history and archaeology articles published in U.S. magazines, a dozen scholarly papers, more than 100 cultural resources reports, hundreds of pieces of web-copy, as well as numerous technical specifications and white papers; and he has edited more than a hundred fiction and non-fiction book manuscripts. He can be contacted directly at [email protected].

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